Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Are your little ones beginning to bounce off the walls?  Never fear, we have a couple of fun and easy movement activities you can do at home to get some of that energy out and to quiet the mind at least for a few minutes.

Balance Fun

It’s tightrope walking time!  For this balance activity, all you need is some tape, string, yarn, or chalk.  Create a straight line. Encourage your child to try and place one foot in front of the other while staying on the line. If this is a little too challenging for your child at first, try having them walk sideways.

The sky is the limit on the variations you can create for your child:

  • Use different color lines and have them follow a specific color
  • Make zigzag, squiggly or silly lines
  • Place an object, like a block or toy, on the pathway and have them try and step over it
  • Create horizontal lines that they can jump to or over

Who hasn’t dreamed of joining the circus?  Let your child be the ringmaster and create pathways for you to follow!


Straw and Pom-Pom Challenge

Don’t let the fun stop there.  For our next act, it’s the amazing Straw and Pom Pom! 

Keep those awesome pathways you created and have your child use a straw to try and blow a pom pom along the line. Again, there are all sorts of variations you can do to make it easier or more challenging:

  • For younger children, try using a bendable straw (the bendable part near the pom-pom), so they can easily adjust the angle of air to the pom pom without having to adjust their body position
  • For more challenging pathways, include more corners
  • Have a racing competition

Movement activities are not only fun, they also play an essential role in a child’s development, both physically and emotionally. For example, learning to blow through a straw is extremely beneficial in speech development. Movement is one of the best ways children learn. 

Sorting Activity

Step right up and play the sorting game!  What is great about this activity is you can really use anything around the house - blocks, toys, even socks. Basically, you need something to sort and something to sort the items into or on.

 Use a collection of large Lego blocks and different colored paper for the categories.  The child selects a yellow block and takes it to the yellow-colored paper. 

Don’t stop at colors! There are tons of other variations you can do – shape, size, number matching, type, etc.  For a higher energy activity, you can increase the distance between sorting items and categories and have your child run to the sorted piles and see how fast they can sort the item.

Happy Sorting!

Story Movement!

Here at the Arlington Public Library, our movement time would not be complete without a story or book. Another wonderful way to add movement to your child’s day is to read a book with your child and have them act out the story. What would it be like to be a monkey swinging through the jungle or a dinosaur that just wants to have a tea party?  Keep the story going after the book ends, and have your child create their own story with their movements.

Let’s start together!  Join me as we go on a movement journey with Amanda Lynch’s wonderful book, Breathe Baby Breathe: an ABC Guide to Mindfulness

And don’t forget, let their imagination soar and keep on moving!